Winter Survival Shelter Build 2019
I have decided to build a log shelter by hand and to live in it through an entire Winter. Some of you may ask why, well the answer is simple… because I can.

Like most folks I have a job, I toil for the shekels 5 days a week but unlike everyone else I wont be heading back to the comforts of a modern home, this would be way too easy and besides most folks are already doing this so no challenge there.

I have secured property tucked away on a mountain side. As you can see in this video there has been a lot of tree felling and log flipping, progress is under way and I am hoping to have the basic structure buttoned up by the end of October.

I can’t drive up to the front door (still have to build a door), a small hike is required to get from where I will be parking my vehicle, this should be a nice little challenge once the snow flies.

Join me… this should be interesting.