So what is a solar generator? In a nutshell we are talking about a battery, charged by the sun (or AC power) capable of outputting household AC 110V power – Think battery wrapped in some smart technology and you have a solar generator… enter the EcoFlow Delta 1300. I have been intrigued by this type of technology for quite some time so I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on one.

The only thing that has held me back in the past has been the cost on these types of generators. Also Solar generators are not quite yet ready to tackle heavy & prolonged power demands so when compared to traditional fuel generators there are clearly pros and cons to owning one.

Now I know my scenario is not your typical situation, living the way I do requires little to no electrical inputs. Beyond running DC LED lights and charging up phone, tablet, camera & headlamp batteries I just don’t require AC power every day… and that’s the way I like it! Capable of putting out 1800 watts with a surge rating of 3300 watts this little power house is capable of running most typical household appliances (see bottom of page for info).

The 30-pound Delta 1300 has six 110V AC outlets an automotive style DC outlet and six USB outlets ( 2x USB 2.4V / 2x USB Fast charge / 2x USB-C). A large LCD screen tells you the battery status, incoming power reading, outgoing power reading and when you’re charging the Delta it will even tell you how long until fully charged.


  • No fuel required
  • No noise
  • No maintenance
  • Renewable free power
  • Incredible fast charging time (AC charge)


  • No sun = No Charging
  • Battery = Eventually it will die/degrade with use
  • Cost

Charging the Delta with household 110V AC outlet

I am not quite sure how EcoFlow has done this but it’s possible to completely charge the Delta 1300 in under 2hrs! When I received the the Delta the battery status was at 30%, I charged the unit to 100% in 58 minutes. As far as charging large batteries goes this is pretty amazing, no other similar spec solar generator comes close.

Charging the Delta with Solar Panels

EcoFlow claims that under perfect sunlight and 400 watts of solar panel input the Delta Solar Generator can be fully recharged within four hours. I have to say the 85W EcoFlow solar panel I received with the Delta may be a little on the small side for converting sun energy to electrical energy especially in Winter but it works.

Eco Flow Solar Panel


Again, just to be clear I am looking at this technology from a lightweight, off-grid, short term perspective. If I was living in a house expecting this device to run everything I would be setting myself up for disappointment. As far as a grid-down, emergency, SHTF scenario the delta would be a great asset to have, couple it with 400 watts of solar panels and you should be just fine if you manage your electrical requirements wisely.

EcoFlow Delta 1300


EcoFloW Delta Specifications

Delta 1300 & Typical household appliances