So one of the most recurring questions folks seem to ask me… Dude why are you wearing a chest rig?

I understand that the vast majority of backcountry or wilderness backpackers out there do not and probably will not wear a chest rig. To be clear I do not always wear one on my camping trips but there are occasions when I do.

Typically I will wear my chest rig if I am heading out for multiple days where I know I will not be encountering anyone, travelling un-mapped routes/trails or moving through known grizzly country. I like to stack the odds in my favor when I can.

Wearing a chest rig I am able to move away from my primary backpack and camping area, I enjoy setting up camp and then heading out to explore the area. Having a few extra tools and survival items on me at all times allows me to feel comfortable away from my primary gear.

Condor Chest Rig