Being somewhat of a mountain goat myself I can really admire these amazing cliff climbers. Despite it’s name the mountain goat is actually a member of the antelope family. Typically found in alpine regions, mountain goats are true masters of the mountain often found on rocky ledges and outcrops. This extreme environment provides the goats with good protection from predators.

I am always amazed by the lengths mountain goats will go to for a good patch of salty rock. These salty areas are often referred to as mineral licks or natural licks and provide essential elements for mountain goat such as sodium, calcium, iron, zinc. Mountain goats also eat grasses, shrubs, mosses and I have even seen them eating lichen when they have the opportunity.

The mountain goat seen here was part a large herd, there were several males and females, called nannies with kids. I was fortunate to observe them for 2 days. From what I saw the majority of their day seemed to be consumed with foraging for food, always munching on something or licking rocks. Some domestic disputes seemed to break out now and then, these were typically between older and younger males vying for the tastiest bush to munch on.