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6 12, 2018

Winter Survival Shelter – Prepping for snow


I was pretty exited to head up to the survival shelter this past weekend, I could see the surrounding mountains had what looked like a decent blanket of snow on their tops. Unfortunately as I got closer to shelter range I realized that the snow line was probably 1000 ft

Winter Survival Shelter – Prepping for snow2018-12-06T03:21:15+00:00
25 11, 2018

Wild Mountain Goats – AMAZING ROCK CLIMBERS!


Being somewhat of a mountain goat myself I can really admire these amazing cliff climbers. Despite it's name the mountain goat is actually a member of the antelope family. Typically found in alpine regions, mountain goats are true masters of the mountain often found on rocky ledges and outcrops. This

Wild Mountain Goats – AMAZING ROCK CLIMBERS!2018-11-25T00:58:04+00:00
18 11, 2018

Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaw battle


Without a doubt the most popular question I get is, which chainsaw is better Stihl or Husqvarna? Well to be clear I do not consider myself an Industry expert, with this in mind I decided to have some fun with the topic because honestly folks, the best chainsaw is

Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaw battle2018-11-18T02:30:15+00:00
17 11, 2018

Winter Survival Shelter – Build overview


I am a big fan of the white stuff. Snow season allows me to shift gears and challenge myself in new ways. I have been rushing to finish a winter survival shelter before the white stuff starts to drop... any day now! In this video I explain the basic construction

Winter Survival Shelter – Build overview2018-11-17T06:31:15+00:00
9 11, 2018

Love at first cut | Silky Big Boy 2000 folding saw


I have owned the smaller Silky folding saw for several years and its been one of those staple items always in my pack ready to go. Even after many years of service my Silky is still sawing like a champ. A recent project allowed me to get my hands on

Love at first cut | Silky Big Boy 2000 folding saw2019-03-19T00:09:18+00:00
31 10, 2018

Log Cabin Build – Moving logs on the wall by hand


Here I have an early video of my off grid log cabin build. Along with peeling and scribing the logs, moving logs on the wall was one of the steps that was quite time consuming. All my logs came up one way and then had to be moved into position

Log Cabin Build – Moving logs on the wall by hand2018-10-31T01:16:06+00:00
23 10, 2018

Winter Hammock Camping – Managing Cold and Condensation


The video you see here is one of the first hammock camping videos I shot. In the early hammock camping days I was trying all kinds of things to stay warm. I actually started out with just a sleeping bag and emergency blanket in Winter, those were tough lessons. I

Winter Hammock Camping – Managing Cold and Condensation2018-10-23T00:57:50+00:00
16 10, 2018

BRING ON THE SNOW! – OneTigris DOUBLE hammock underquilt


Finally the OneTigris DOUBLE hammock underquilt arrived. With the cold season knocking at the door I was eager to get out and test the under quilt on my Hennessy hammock before the snow flies. Getting things dialed in before snow camping is always a good idea. This is the second

BRING ON THE SNOW! – OneTigris DOUBLE hammock underquilt2018-10-16T01:13:31+00:00
27 09, 2018

How to push your mountain bike up a mountain


Clearly I enjoy punishing myself. A great way to do this is to take a mountain bicycle for a walk up a mountain... you could take your dog but riding your dog downhill may not be as fun.

How to push your mountain bike up a mountain2018-09-27T02:25:13+00:00
27 09, 2018

OGW Review – The OneTigris 3 season hammock underquilt


For years I have considered purchasing an underquilt for my Hennessy hammock expeditions. Unfortunately good cold weather underquilts just seemed so ridiculously priced. I've been using my trusty lightweight Thermarest sleeping pad in my Hennessy for several years now and have been quite satisfied. Recently I stumbled upon the OneTigris

OGW Review – The OneTigris 3 season hammock underquilt2018-09-27T01:09:59+00:00