Here I am installing the concrete foundation piers for my off grid log cabin build. Before I started mixing concrete we were lucky enough to have a couple days of good rainfall which allowed me to collect enough rainwater for concrete mixing.

The forms I am using are Sakrete branded 12 inch x 4 foot forms and the the concrete I am using is Sakrete High strength concrete mix.

Each 4 ft form required approximately 5.2 bags (80 pound bags), with 9 forms in total I used around 54 bags in total due to the fact extra concrete was poured around the exterior of the forms.

Cost break down:

54x 80 Pound Concrete Bag – $3.94
9x 12 inch x 4ft Forms – $10.42
18x 1/2 inch x 4ft Rebar – $3.27

Total: $365.40