Off Grid log Cabin Build – Update Snow and moving a log

It is official… Snow has fallen. In this video I give an update on where I am on my log cabin build. I have also added a few clips of me moving a log on the wall and getting it on to the floor.


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  1. kieth poynter July 13, 2016 at 1:10 am - Reply

    i say this you moving any thing heavy like a log with out any one helping you is amazing but why dont you used a self lifter in side your cabin its got a ratchet and a flat platform in which will help you i have in the past used one with out any one helping me move a heavy timber to the hight of 10 ft its can carry up to 800 pounds in wight or with some one on the platform will help you on the roof of your cabin ok if you like e-mail me on ((hidden)) i got some more info to save you having a bad back in lifting the inpossble ok

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