20 03, 2017

Winter Chickens a pack rat in the roof and a thank you


I have had many questions on my Chicken hoop house and folks seem to be interested in how the chickens fared through Winter. This Winter the coldest temperature I saw was -17 degrees, with regular temps in the single digits and teens. In This video, I answer some of the

Winter Chickens a pack rat in the roof and a thank you2017-03-20T01:06:14+00:00
5 03, 2017

Hauling water in Winter


Here you can see how I haul water during Winter. Living off the grid with no typical plumbing or water supply has it's challenges. Going forward I would like to have a well drilled. Obviously securing your own source of clean drinking water is the only way to go.

Hauling water in Winter2018-09-28T02:06:26+00:00
3 12, 2014

Firing up my Virgin Rocket Stove


After watching several videos and reading many articles on the topics of heating small cabins in winter I thought I would take a stab at building a rocket stove for my winter shelter shack. Over a couple days I cobbled together the pieces for my version of a rocket stove

Firing up my Virgin Rocket Stove2018-09-28T02:07:00+00:00
1 11, 2014

Building my Winter Shelter Shack


I decided to build a simple Winter Shelter on my off grid property. Using the the KISS method (my preferred method for approaching most tasks) I spent a few days over two visits cobbling together a shelter. Thanks to some interesting weather shifts the original idea morphed several times into

Building my Winter Shelter Shack2018-09-28T02:07:29+00:00
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